There are various opportunities for getting involved with the Foundation. Here are some options that may interest you. Email us or fill in the form below for more information.

E-helpline volunteer:

Our team of e-helpline volunteers respond to emails that we receive asking for support. We look for Helpline volunteers who have personal experience of BDD and who fully understand the disorder and the impact it has. Contact: christian@bddfoundation.org

Support Group Facilitator:

Support groups can play an important role alongside treatment in recovering from and managing BDD. They provide a safe environment where people can talk openly about their BDD, as well as giving support and encouragement to others. Contact: volunteers@bddfoundation.org

Media Volunteer:

The Charity’s media work is supported by our media volunteers who are willing to join our database and speak to journalists, or go on radio or TV. Contact volunteers@bddfoundation.org

Setting Up New Support Groups:

For people wanting to start BDD support  groups in their own local area please email Keira at OCD Action keira@ocdaction.org.uk assist/advise and support you in how to do this.

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