• Meet our Creative Community

    There is no better way to express what BDD means for people than using the creative language of those who have experienced it.

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  • Beating BDD | Podcast

    The Beating BDD podcast is run by film editor Claire Atherton. In every episode we interview therapists, researchers and people who are recovering from the disorder.

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  • Virtual Conference 2021

    Hear about innovative treatments and research, learn how to advocate for yourself and others, meet new people and reconnect with old friends, and much more!

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  • Monki x BDDF

    We’re teaming up with Monki to raise awareness of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. They are supporting our petition directed at the EU Parliament calling for transparency on altered images on social media. We believe organisations, companies, and influencers should be legally required to state when images have been manipulated for paid content online.

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Stories from the BDD community

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