Online Support

Email Helpline

Our email support service is for anyone affected by BDD, or anyone who is concerned that they, their friends or family may have BDD or a related disorder.

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Online Support Groups

Support Groups provide a safe environment where you can talk openly about your BDD, as well as giving support and encouragement to others.

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Overcoming BDD Programme

This 20 week programme is run annually by the BDD Foundation with aim of increasing access to CBT therapy techniques and peer support.

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Coping with Social Media

Sometimes our relationship with social media can become an issue; this is when you notice that being on the internet/social media makes you feel anxious, distressed, ashamed, or depressed, rather than happy or excited.

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Beating BDD Podcast

The podcast features interviews with therapists who specialise in researching and treating BDD, as well as with people who are recovering from the disorder.

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Email Newsletter

Become a member of the BDD Foundation community and receive our monthly newsletter.

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Our Video Library

We have a whole host of videos on BDD related topics from inspirational recovery stories, experts discussing treatment and how to support someone with BDD.

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Other Helpful Resources

Books, podcasts and other multimedia resources to understand the condition and hear from others who are on the path of recovery.

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