Webinars, videos and podcasts on BDD

The BDD Foundation works closely with professionals and people with Body Dysmorphic Disorder to provide up-to-date information for people with BDD and their families.


Since the COVID-19 lockdown began in early 2020, the BDD Foundation started to record video interviews to professionals and people with BDD in recovery, with the aim of providing extra support during this difficult time.


Our podcast ‘Beating BDD’ features interviews with therapists who specialise in researching and treating BDD, as well as with people who are recovering from the disorder.

BDD Conference

The first major conference on Body Dysmorphic Disorder was held in London, UK, in 2015, and organised by the BDD Foundation. The conference was aimed exclusively at people with BDD and their families, and combined speeches by professionals in the field with inspirational speeches and a number of workshops and exhibits. All sessions were recorded and made available to the wider BDD community.

The Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation. Charity no. 1153753.