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Do I have BDD? Take the test

This test was made by clinicians as a tool to help determine whether you might have BDD.

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Listen to the experts (VIDEOS)

Our videos feature experts on BDD speaking on the subject, as well as individuals with BDD sharing their personal recovery stories.

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Self-help Books on BDD

Self-help books may assist people with BDD who are not yet ready to engage in therapy, or may be an additional resource during CBT or for family members who are struggling to cope.

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Books by people with BDD

Stories of tremendous bravery, immeasurable determination and incredible hope.

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Books for Clinicians

Treatment manuals on BDD for clinicians.

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Podcast | Beating BDD

In every episode Claire Atherton interviews therapists, researchers and people who are recovering from BDD.

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Getting Help with my BDD

BDD is a treatable condition, seeking help is the first step to recovery

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Getting help with other mental health conditions

Miricyl offer a directory of Mental Health Services and Resources across the UK, tailored to individuals.

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