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There are several common problems that often get confused or co-exist with BDD. These are a few of them.

Many people with BDD are clinically depressed or have social anxiety. How then does one separate out from BDD from other conditions? The job of a mental health professional is to tease out what the core problem is and whether there is an additional problem.


BDD is often associated with symptoms of depression amounting to an additional problem

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Social Anxiety Disorder

BDD is often associated with social anxiety and fears of being judged negatively by others.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

In BDD, there may be a focus o order and symmetry in appearance, which is very similar to OCD.

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Eating Disorders

The main difference between eating disorders and BDD is someone with an eating disorder is worried their body weight and shape, which lead to behaviours which are aimed at trying to lose or control weight.

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Skin Picking Disorder / Dermatillomania

Skin-Picking Disorder is characterized by repetitive skin picking resulting in skin lesions and significant distress or impairment.

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Olfactory Reference Disorder

Olfactory Reference Disorder (ORD) is characterised by a preoccupation with emitting a foul or offensive body odour that is not perceived by others.

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Body Integrity Identity Disorder

Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) is a term used to describe those who desire one or more digits or limbs to be amputated, as they believe these are not part of their ‘self’.

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Borderline Personality Disorder

Body Image concerns that may amount to symptoms of BDD are common in an emotionally unstable personality disorder known as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

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BDD by Proxy

BDD by Proxy is a little known variant of BDD in which an aspect or aspects of another person’s appearance are the focus of preoccupation.

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Taijin Kyofu-sho

Taijin Kyofu-sho is a culture bound syndrome in Japan and Asia that consists of an intense fear of offending, embarrassing or hurting others.

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