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In the UK

As a UK based charity we have information on support and treatment services that are available to UK residents.

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We recognise that the BDD community is worldwide and we encourage everyone to seek help and support. Here are some online services that can be accessed anywhere.

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Getting Treatment

BDD is a treatable condition. With the right help recovery is very possible.

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Feeling Suicidal?

It may take several months to overcome BDD, but it can be done and there most certainly is hope.

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Are you supporting someone with BDD?

BDD can have a huge impact on the family, friends and partners of those struggling with the condition.

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Are you a young person with BDD?

You are not alone – did you know around 2% of young people have BDD? That means in a school with 1000 students, on average there will be 20 young people with BDD.

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