Upcoming Art Exhibition: ‘The Body’

F.E.A.R Collective explores Body Dysmorphia, Individual Sovereignty and Affliction

Taking place at: Not my Beautiful House Gallery in Kingston from 29th July – 23rd August (2021)

Julianna Temple discusses her journey to “Claiming Venus” through her photography series. Julianna describes the project, “Claiming Venus explores my relationship with my body and my experience with body dysmorphia. The project comprises three chapters: Before, During, and The Road To After. Together they take the viewer through my journey to understand myself. The first chapter, Before, investigates what has influenced me to feel this way about my body, whether it be from my family or how women are portrayed in the media. The second chapter, During, is my attempt to show how my body dysmorphia currently makes me feel and how confusing it can be. Finally the third chapter, The Road To After, is where I depict myself in a light of self acceptance and defiance of the societal standards placed upon women.”

Trigger warning: the exhibition does contain nudity, themes of sexual assault, Body Dysmorphia, and illness.

Exhibition Link: https://fearcollective.myportfolio.com/work

Julianna’s work: https://fearcollective.myportfolio.com/claiming-venus

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