Healing through Community and Connection

Beau (aka @DadBod_Cyclist) shares his experience of BDD as a result of devastating and heartbreaking childhood trauma.

Beau has spent time understanding his past, in order to move forward in his journey of recovery. BDD has impacted all areas of his life and ability to function.

‘I’ve had long stretches of periods of time where I couldn’t leave the house. The weight on me felt so heavy it felt as though it was crushing my organs.’

Someone described to Beau what BDD was in more detail, explaining that it’s a recognised and treatable illness. This is when he began understanding the nature of the condition. He realised BDD was what he was experiencing, now and for years before then, and was able to begin working on healing.

‘It’s very hard to contextualise for someone that hasn’t experienced BDD, what it actually means. It’s like standing in front of one of those fun mirrors at a circus that is ever evolving and changing. I never know what I am going to see when I look in the mirror.’

Beau has discovered a love for cycling as part of his healing from BDD. Before he explored this, he explains that ‘I didn’t want to be a cyclist…everything I knew about cycling and cyclists just looked visually like everything that I’m not.’

However, finding a community and connecting with others through a welcoming and inclusive club, has been an essential part of Beau’s recovery. He reflects that ‘the community aspect of cycling, is the thing that gets me out of bed.’

Beau is on a mission to make change in the cycling industry and shift the perception of what it means to be a cyclist, and allow people to be cyclists simply ‘because they are turning the pedals.’   

A huge amount of gratitude to Beau for sharing his experience. It’s such a powerful and important story for others to hear, and we hope many of our readers can resonate with Beau’s journey.

Beau’s Instagram: @DadBod_Cyclist

Video by Hammerhead

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