Calling all Creatives! BDD Foundation x Tilted East

Design Opportunity: Heart on Your Sleeve

At the BDD Foundation and Tilted East, we have a shared ethos and belief in the power of creativity for healing and connection. We’ve teamed up on the project ‘Heart on Your Sleeve’ to offer an opportunity to showcase your design on a limited edition Tilted East t- shirt (pre-order available from end of March).

How it works

Using the given prompts for inspiration, design your artwork to represent your experience of living with BDD, the journey you’ve endured or personal growth through recovery. This piece is totally unique to you and your individual experience. We want to give voice to your experience through creativity and design.


  • Create an image that represents your emotional state during a particularly challenging time with BDD.
  • Design an illustration that shows the internal struggle you have when dealing with BDD.
  • Create a series of abstract patterns that represent the highs and lows of living with BDD.
  • Create a piece of art that represents the journey you took to overcome your BDD.
  • Design an image that represents the sense of relief you feel after seeking professional help for your BDD.
  • Create an abstract interpretation of the physical symptoms you experience living with BDD.
  • Design an image that represents the positive impact self-care practices have on your mental health.
  • Make a mixed media piece that shows the duality of living with a mental health condition, with positive and negative aspects.
  • Create an image of how social media has affected you and your BDD.
  • What does a day in the life look like for you, as someone who has BDD?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a mental health condition that you feel ashamed about? How does that make you feel? What does that look like to you on paper?
  • Is there something really obscure that has an ongoing impact on your mental health? Maybe something that someone has said to you?
  • Is there a particular technique you have learnt that is really helping you with managing your BDD? What is it and how does the technique itself or the feeling you get from it look to you?

Featured design

One chosen design will be featured on a limited edition BDDF x Tilted East t-shirt. As part of this process, the chosen design will go to sale on the Tilted East website with 50% of profits going towards the BDD Foundation. The designer will collaborate with Tilted East from submission, through to manufacturing and printing stage giving the opportunity to learn more about this process. Please note, some minor tweaks may be made to the design so that it’s ready for manufacture.

But it doesn’t end there…this is about sharing stories. Every design, regardless of being on a t-shirt, will be showcased on both BBDF website & Tilted East social media, sharing the full collection of all submissions. Everyone is a valuable contributor and each submission takes us closer to improved understanding of BDD and sharing stories of mental health.


Alongside your design submission, please share a few words on the inspiration behind your design, your experience or anything you are doing to help with what you are experiencing. This is to help create a proactive culture towards healing. Your description will feature alongside your design.

Community, not competition

This isn’t so much about winning or losing. We want to celebrate the wonderful creatives amongst the BDD community and collaborate with a like-minded clothing brand, Tilted East. Come together with fellow creatives to showcase the unique experiences of living with BDD through art.

How to enter

  • Please submit your design through this link.
  • Deadline for submissions is 17th March 2024.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat on or


The Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation. Charity no. 1153753.