24 Hour Video Game Livestream Fundraiser

Duncan and Ollie will be livestreaming for 24 hours on their Youtube channel ‘Game Coping’

The Youtube channel & podcasters ‘Game Coping’ will the hosting a 24-hour charity live stream of PS4 & PS5 video games, interviews and live music in aid of the BDD Foundation! This will be held on Friday 20th August beginning at 2pm BST and finishing the following day on Saturday 21st at 2pm.

Duncan will speed run the game Dishonoured 2, interview someone from the BDD Foundation, and will sing a song – all live!!

If you donate you can request a game to be played, or a song for Duncan to sing!

Donate what you can, but we do have some bonuses for you just like last year. 

  • Donate £5 or more before Wednesday the 18th of August and you can request a game for us to play on the stream.
  • Donate £15 or more before Tuesday 17th of August and you can request a song for Duncan to sing during his mini virtual concert during the stream.

Thank you all so much for your support! See you in the chat on Friday the 20th of August from 2 pm BST! We’ll be live at the link below…


Donate via their Just Giving page

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