BDD Across a Lifespan

with Scott Granet, LCSW

Given the significance placed on physical appearance during the teen and young adult years, it only makes sense that BDD would be thought of as just a young person’s problem. While much of the related literature does in fact concentrate on that demographic, BDD doesn’t somehow weaken as people age. If left untreated, it will in all likelihood just continue to worsen. This presentation will address the many difficulties associated with living with BDD across the lifespan, from childhood to old age. The presenter will also draw upon his own personal experience of living with this disorder for 5 decades and discuss how each stage of life brings with it unique challenges.

Scott Granet, LCSW specialises in the treatment of body dysmorphic disorder, OCD, and anxiety disorders. He has taught continuing education classes at universities and other institutions throughout the U.S, and presented on BDD at conferences worldwide, including those in Manchester and Glasgow. In 2008, he opened the OCD-BDD Clinic of Northern California. Mr. Granet is the author of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Mine and Yours: A Personal and Clinical Perspective and The Complete OCD Workbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Free Yourself from Intrusive Thoughts and Compulsive Behaviors. In addition to his clinical work, Mr. Granet is a founding member of the board of directors for the Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation of the San Francisco Bay Area. He also has lived experience with BDD, having first developed symptoms of it when he was a college student, more than a decade before it was formally recognised as a psychiatric condition.

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