Cosmopolitan interviews Dr Rob Willson & Kitty Wallace from the BDDF

Cosmopolitan’s Jade Biggs has been raising awareness and understanding of BDD through a series of articles. The latest one: ‘Do I have Body Dysmorphic Disorder? These are the signs and symptoms to look out for’ highlights how to recognise the signs and help available.

The article covers the signs and symptoms of BDD, the experience of living with the condition, treatment, recovery and how to access help via the Foundation.

Dr Rob Willson, Chairman of the BDD Foundation shares his expertise:

Explaining the first signs and symptoms of BDD to look out for, Dr Willson tells us they usually see the “person spending more and more time thinking about, being distressed about and carrying out behaviours related to their appearance.”

Kitty Wallace, Head of Operations, shares her experiences:

From the moment I woke up, to the moment I went to sleep, my mind whirred with the same thoughts over and over. I worried that people would judge me for how I looked, but I was equally as worried that they were judging me because I cared about how I looked. I really couldn’t win. Some days the thoughts were so overpowering, I couldn’t leave the house. Everyone around me just thought I was going through a phase. Something I’d grow out of. I didn’t.”

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