Inspirational Speaker and Founder of JAAQ

Danny Gray

Danny is founder of Warpaint for Men, a men’s make up brand he founded due to his own experience of Body Dysmorphic Disorder and to help men with their self-confidence and mental health. BDD has been a part of Danny’s life since he was 12 after being bullied in school. Although this has shaped his life and still affects him to this day he wants to try and help others when it comes to the illness and spread awareness. Speaking about the BDD Foundation, Danny says, “The Foundation and the vital work they do sit very close to my heart, I understand the daily struggle of living with BDD. There’s isn’t enough awareness out there about BDD, so I’m eager to help and thankful to be a part of the Foundation’s important work”. He is the founder of JAAQ (just ask a question), an idea he had in response to the hundreds of people he gets contacting him looking for quality, accessible help on mental health. Danny is a passionate mental health advocate speaking to thousands of people every year.

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The Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation. Charity no. 1153753.