Inspirational Speaker – Kim Booker

Kim Booker, a yoga teacher from the South coast, has passionately combined her love for yoga & her mental health journey via her Instagram account. On this platform, she discovered the BDD Foundation. She became a passionate media volunteer for the charity. Her willingness to share her experience has led to national news stories, providing a form of exposure therapy whilst empowering her path to recovery.

In 2022, Kim gave evidence to the Health & Social Care Committee at the House of Commons. Her testimony focused on the vulnerability associated with aesthetic procedures and the profound impact of body image on both physical & mental health. Her suggestions directly influenced proposed legislation aimed at raising safety standards within the aesthetics industry. Kim’s advocacy efforts extended beyond that as she collaborated with MP Dr. Luke Evans to campaign for transparency regarding filtered images.

In 2023, she participated in the ‘More Than My Reflection’ campaign for the fashion brand Monki, elevating discussions & awareness about BDD on a global scale. Kim is dedicated to sharing her story and promoting a holistic approach to healing from BDD. Her experience as a mother has fortified her resolve to shield her daughter from the harmful effects of toxic beauty culture, dismantle the cycle of perfectionism, and work towards a safer and more inclusive online environment for people of all ages and body types.

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