Expert Eating Disorder & Trauma panel – Sunday lunch event for the BDDF

Lady Tracy Northampton and Natasha Silver Bell invite you to join them for lunch at The Falcon Hotel, Castle Ashby, with a panel of leading experts.

‘Celebrating Effective Action and Enduring Recovery’

As patron, Tracy Northampton, is kindly donating all the proceeds from the lunch to the BDD Foundation. Also on the panel there will be Dr Nicole Schnackenberg, trustee of the BDD Foundation and Alanah Bagwell who is a long standing charity volunteer and spokesperson.

The experts on the panel are:

Dr Barbara Rooney – Consultant Psychiatrist

Lou Lebentz – Founder at Trauma Thrivers, a psychotherapist, Speaker, EMDR and Trauma clinician

Dr Nicole Schnackenberg – Child, Community and Educational Psychologist. Yoga Therapist and BDD Foundation Trustee

Alanah Bagwell – BDD Recovery spokesperson, Trainee Psychologist

Anna Oliver – Highly Specialized Eating Disorder Dietician

Dr Ana-Maria Ilea, Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Director for Low Secure and Specialist Rehabilitation Services.

Tickets are £200 and all proceeds will be donated to the BDD Foundation, in memory of Tracy’s niece, Charlotte Franklin.

See formal invite below for more information about how to attend and purchase your ticket:

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