IOCDF – Online BDD Conference

IOCDF are hosting an online BDD Conference on 16th March 2024

The conference offers an opportunity for professionals to learn how to treat individuals with BDD, as well as sessions for individuals, families, and loved ones affected by BDD to educate people and their families about effective treatment.

The full schedule features sessions for a variety of audiences:

  • Individuals with BDD: Those with lived experience with BDD. Programming focuses on recovery options and building motivation for treatment.
  • Family Members and Supporters: Non-professionals who have been affected by BDD in their families or other relations. Programming focuses on communication skills and effective support systems.
  • Clinicians: Professionals who treat BDD. Programming focuses on skills training and enhancing the clinical understanding of the disorder.

Tickets available now – register and find out more here.

Please note, the talks run from 11am – 5pm ET, which is 4pm – 10pm UK time. 

Register for the Conference

The Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation. Charity no. 1153753.