Ella Delancey Jones on Body Dysmorphic Disorder

BDD destroyed my confidence and self-esteem – here’s how I got help

In a recent Glamour article, Ella Delancey Jones courageously writes about her battle with BDD, recounting the impact of past bullying on her self-esteem and development of the condition.

“I didn’t let anyone know how it was affecting me. The shame of it made the thought of drawing more attention to myself feel worse than the bullying.”

Much like many individuals with BDD, Ella turned to plastic surgery in an attempt to calm the thoughts and feelings BDD brought. However, sadly this led to further torment and pre-occupation.

“I stayed inside for days, alternating between looking in the mirror obsessively or dissolving into tears when I caught sight of myself in one. How, I thought, could I live when I looked like this?

After reaching out for help, Ella received a diagnosis and CBT treatment to address her BDD symptoms. She still struggles, but is able to use the tools learnt in therapy, and is committed to continually building her confidence and self-esteem back up.

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