Parenting a child with BDD – a parent’s story

with Scarlett Bagwell

Scarlett is a trustee of The BDD Foundation. Since having children, Scarlett has been a stay-at-home mother of four, one of whom has suffered with BDD since 2010. She has had to fight the NHS system to obtain the treatment her daughter so desperately required. Scarlett has gained an extremely close insight into BDD and the struggles of living with and supporting a BDD sufferer.

When a young person experiences BDD, it not only affects them but their parents, carers, family and friends. In this talk, Scarlett will share her insights from parenting a child with BDD. She will discuss the impact this had on familial relationships before, during, and after her daughter Alanah accessed treatment. She will then host a discussion for other parents and answer questions based on her own insights and lived-experience.

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