Participants needed – Body Image & Ethnicity Study.

A new research study is exploring potential improvements to mental health education policy to prevent eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder in a more inclusive way.

This study is exploring the role of ethnicity and culture in body dissatisfaction and body image.

The study also will also explore how these types of difficulties (i.e. eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder) could be prevented in the future.

They want to talk to people who have the first-hand experience of body image problems and use their valuable insights and expertise.

Participants needed are: Young people who identify as female, aged 13-19 and from a South Asian background to chat with me about body image either in a focus group or a 1:1 chat.

The study is important because it could influence prevention strategies in the school environment which could stop young people from developing problems associated with body image such as eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder.

To find out more or to participate follow this link.

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